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Omega oil with EPA and DHA promotes concentration and memory

Omega Oil (3-6-9) from PRO BEL FLY contains a high content of EPA and DHA. Omega oil promotes brain functions, which improves the ability to remember and concentrate.

Pigeon feed has a high content of omega 6 fatty acids and a low content of omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 6 in the feed is often an oxidized form. This poor ratio between omega 6 and omega 3 promotes inflammation, which is detrimental to achieving peak performance.

Omega Oil (3-6-9) from PRO BEL FLY is a mix of natural oils: fish oil (EPA / DHA), linseed oil (ALA) and evening primrose oil (GLA). These unsaturated fatty acids have a positive influence on energy management (converting fats). Evening primrose oil keeps the skin supple and therefore provides support during the moulting period. DHA in the Omega Oil promotes brain function, which improves the ability to concentrate and remember.


2 to 3 x per week 10 ml per kg of feed (measuring cup)

  • Fly oil

  • Better concentration

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500 ml contains: Fish oil (18% EPA and 12% DHA) – Linseed oil (53% ALA) – Evening primrose oil (10% GLA) – Vitamin E

Crude protein: 0% Crude fat: 94% Crude fiber: 0% Crude ash: 0% Sodium: 0% Methionine: 0% Lysine: 0%


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