After the flight - Pro Bel fly

Fast and thorough recovery

A very important fact that was often forgotten in the past is the recovery after the race or after the training flight.

After a performance, the pigeon is immunologically very weak, which means that the disease is quickly bumped up.

The energy used and the muscle damage must be restored as quickly as possible. The first 30 to 60 minutes after arrival is the ideal period to start this recovery.

First and foremost, the moisture balance must be restored. Due to the higher moisture absorption, the kidneys are activated, so that waste products are eliminated better.

The energy level is supplemented by the intake of rapidly absorbable sugars via the drinking water.

The added herbal medicine has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the muscles and joints. Phytotherapeutic agents with a soothing effect on the airways were also added.

After the pigeon has drunk and some has recovered from the effort made, building materials are supplied in the form of quickly absorbable proteins and the vitamin and mineral balance is restored.

The earlier the pigeon has recovered from the effort made, the sooner it can train again. In this way the condition goes up and the top condition can be maintained throughout the season.