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Before the flight

It is a proven fact that the pigeons get their energy almost completely from fats for longer-term physical performances.

Already about 10 minutes after the start of the race, the pigeon switches from burning carbohydrate to burning fat. These fatty acids are still in the blood. Fats also contain 2 times more energy than carbohydrates or proteins.

When the fatty acids in the blood are used up, the pigeon starts to use up its fat reserves in the red muscle fibers.

Proteins are only used when all fat reserves have been used up. For this, muscles are broken down into amino acids which can then be used as fuel. However, this is a situation that we certainly do not wish for as it becomes very difficult for these pigeons to reach their former level within a short time.

It is therefore very important that the pigeon has sufficient reserve in the form of sugars and fats to start the flight.

Through nutrition you can indeed also provide energy, proteins and fibers. But nutrition alone is not sufficient to resist the pressure of competition. There is a need for extra energy in the form of carbohydrates and fats, extra proteins due to shortages of essential amino acids in grain foods alone. Vitamins, minerals, oligo elements and other nutrients are needed to process all these nutrients. After all, shortages weaken the resistance so that pigeons are tired more quickly. This has an unavoidable impact on the pigeon’s health, resulting in breathing problems and parasitic problems. As a result, medication must be seized, so that the pigeons conditionally deteriorate.

Giving extra supplements is therefore aimed at building up a reserve so that the pigeon can resist the stress in the baskets in an optimal way, can start the flight in pole position, reach the home port in a super concentrated and motivated way, after which the recovery can be started as quickly as possible.

Only in this way can the fancier fully trust his racing team during the entire season.