Obviously a pigeon that is in optimal health has much more advantages than just a “healthy” pigeon.

For a number of years, fanciers and their vets sought for solution to prevent sickness affecting their pigeons. Today it is clear that pigeons need to be in optimal condition health wise for them deliver to achieve a top performance.

Pro Bel Fly contains all the necessary ingredients to maintain the health and the immunity of your pigeon at a top level.

The following tips for a healthy pigeon loft, may already be familiar for you:

Plenty of fresh water
A clean pigeon loft with adequate ventilation without excessive drafts.
Qualitative basic nutrition: There are many types of pigeon feed in the market. Different brands have the choice between racing mixtures, moulting and breeding … All these mixtures are prefectly suitable as a base.

But are you also aware of the importance of:

A balanced supply of micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements
Supporting the pigeon to be more resistant to the negative impacts of pathogens
Sufficient and quick recuperation after being challenged with infection

The varied assortment of healthy ingredients in PRO BEL FLY meets these important needs. The products optimize the health and resistance of the pigeon. They make the bird more resistant to pathogens and provide better endurance, better orientation and a higher speed. Pigeons with optimal health can also increase their pre-potency to provide a more consistent transfer of the genetic material in the breeding program.