As producers of the Probelfly range, we are confident that the products developed by us are unique and innovative in the world of pigeon racing. They are the result of a development process that we would like to explain below.

Initially we tested, just like many other companies, human products on pigeons. Encouraging results, but they did not fully fulfill our expectations.

We then conducted a detailed analysis of existing scientific studies with pigeons, parrots, poultry and migratory birds. Based on these studies, it became clear to us why the humane products do not produce the desired results on racing pigeons.

Accordingly we reworked our formulas and these were tested during a second racing season, resulting in more promising results. Also testing the doses being administered, we quickly realized they were sometimes much more than required for a maximum benefit.

Manufactured based on the vary latest studies, we recommend Pro Bel Fly for the following reasons;

  • We selected the highest quality raw materials, with the maximum biological absorption, meaning that the pigeon can effectively absorb the required dose.
  • The uptake of proteins by the performance pigeon, ranges from low via vegetable sources, to high derived from animal isolates. We use the highest quality ingredients to supply the full requirements.
  • Our compositions take into account the needs of performance pigeons, which are totally different from humans. Racing pigeons are contained in transport for an average of two to three days in advance. Consequently they will all receive the same food and water, so as fanciers we can feed until just before basketing to achieve maximum racing performance.
  • Extracts of selected plants, which are specifically chosen for there high level of net assets.  Each plant contains hundreds of active components, assets that are important for the maximum use by our sport pigeon and we ensure a consistent high quality.
  • We also created a formula “Power” for males and females. As a part of their energy is hormonally driven, males and females differ in this aspect.
  • All productions are laboratory based ensuring the raw materials are processed to the highest standards.

In the third year we tested hundreds of racing pigeons. The results have been phenomenal.

We invite you to explore Probelfly website for our findings and results from our test fanciers. Many attended our test information event, some with their veterinarian, others with their decades of experience. Although some were critical initially, they were enthusiastic to begin the tests. They testified that they never had seen such a thorough, scientific approach. The results achieved were amazing and various breeders noted unprecedented improvements. Of course there are several causes for the basis of this success, no less the talent of their racing pigeons, the day-to-day care of the pigeons and experience of the fanciers. We are convinced that we can provide a new added value in the world of pigeons. We are confident that with Pro Bel Fly you can improve your opportunities a few per cent more … and those few per cents could make the difference between good and very good.