After a flight (from approximately 30 min.), it is important we offer that the pigeons who are in the competition rhythm, additional nutrients, allowing muscle recovery and maximal muscle growth.

Muscle Recovery is especially important after a competition flight, muscle build-up after training flights.

Just like an athlete’s the muscle structure of a pigeon is innate. This can only be maintained, trained and optimized.

It helps no pigeon to develop ‘the bodybuilder’ muscle. Such muscles are indeed more quickly tired and be especially slow.

It is therefore crucial that we offer our pigeons immediately after a competition flight the following:

  1. Water to rehydrate.
  2. Fast sugars for the pigeons to replenish their energy back so that they can recuperate.
  3. Proteins in the right proportions to help restore the muscle cells.
  4. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support the recovery and to keep the pigeons in a healthy form. These cofactors also ensure that the pigeon can release a maximum of energy for the next flight.
  5. Substances that support the liver function. This support is crucial for migrans. The pigeon fly on his fat-mechanism, therefore the liver has to endure hard. A treatment between flights is therefore highly recommended